Federal judge suspends abortion law

“Shocking deprivation of an important right” – This is the first step that calls into question the constitutionality of the law. “This court will not allow this appalling denial of such an important right to continue for one day,” Judge Pittman wrote in his ruling.

Texas will resume The White House has resorted to al-Qaeda, and Pittman’s decision represents a victory, albeit a temporary one. Texas has in fact announced that it intends to appeal the judge’s decision.

Alleged Senate Bill 8, which prohibits the termination of pregnancy after six weeks of pregnancy, has in fact been suspended pending proceedings on its legality. Even in this period of uncertainty, however, services for women intending to have abortions in Texas can still be off-limits: Doctors actually fear they could be sued if there is no lasting legal basis to prove the rule unconstitutional.

The White House is against the abortion law The decision was made following the Biden administration’s decision to challenge the text in court as unconstitutional. The Texas law, enacted by Republican Governor Greg Abbott in May, prohibits the termination of pregnancy from the moment the heartbeat is detected, about six weeks, by which time a woman may not know she is pregnant. It also authorizes anyone, anywhere in the United States, to report violators.

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