When and how does it proceed?

Amazon has finally made the order official, the fourth season of The Boys is secure and will begin filming this early August.

The third season of “The Boys” is available for subscriptions on Amazon Prime starting July 8, 2022, and everyone who has this format in mind can take a deep breath because it will definitely continue. Filming for the third season ran from February to September 2021, with early work on the fourth season expected to begin in March and Karl Urban (Billie Butcher) He said he will do it by the end of 2022 He will be busy shooting new episodes. Amazon has long since officially confirmed this (via TVLine).

Watch all seasons of “The Boys” on Amazon with a streaming subscription

A fourth season of “The Boys” is coming – series creator Eric Kripke plans at least five more seasons

The showrunner and executive producer of “The Boys” also said at the start of the series that there were plans for at least five seasons. With the anti-superhero comic book adaptation based on the work of Garth Ennis and Tarik Robertson having such a successful run on Amazon, one can only hope that there will be more seasons in the end. After all, the fourth season is already official and new episodes of “The Boys” will be in the streaming program this time next year. Showrunner Kripke hasn’t announced anything about the next season’s plot, other than saying he’s looking forward to the next season.

Even Karl Urban didn’t know exactly what to expect, because a Interview with ColliderIn it he declares The shooting will begin on August 22, 2022, he added that he can’t wait to see what happens to the characters after the third season ends. We can only agree on that. If you haven’t done so yet, you should definitely use your waiting time for season 4 to read the comics.

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If you have a Prime subscription and consider things like this, you can get 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for free and read the first half of “The Boys” comics completely for free. The comics and series tell the situations differently, some characters are changed more drastically, and other scenes you will recognize accurately. Anyone who has only watched the series will never get bored of the comics. It can be used to celebrate the story in a different way and make the best use of the time leading up to the fourth season.

What’s next?

However, the comics can’t directly answer what happens to the people after the reveal in the last two raging episodes, because in this case the fates of the people in the series were altered or changed. However, there are signs of what is to come. So far, only a small circle around Kripke knows what really awaits us, but that should change once filming begins. Of course, in addition to Instagram, the Vote News A source of new information. Further A reflection on the fourth season and the conclusion of the third season is here in the video:

When does season 4 of The Boys start?

With Amazon having made preparations before the premiere of the third season and preparing to begin filming after the finale, we hope that the new episodes of the fourth season will hit the stage in the summer of 2023.

The world of “The Boys” continues to expand

“The Boys” universe expanded elsewhere. The animated series, “The Boys Presents: Diabolical,” is now available online on Amazon, and we’re still waiting. unbetiteltes “The Boys”-spin-off. Craig Rosenberg created the material, and Eric Kripke is one of the executive producers on the case. But Darric Robertson and Garth Ennis are also listed as producers on the new project. Most of the cast is already well-known, including, for example, Lisse Broadway, Maddie Phillips, Rayna Hardesty, Josh Sinclair, Shane Paul McGee and Aimee Carrero. It has been announced that the spin-off may not be suitable for minors in any way; It has been described as a combination of “The Hunger Games” and the college series. It is about a college run by an organization called Vote. There, young superheroes yearning for recognition meet and compete with each other because everyone wants to get a job as a city protector. Hopefully, we’ll see this new product on Amazon Prime as early as 2022, but there’s no official release date yet.

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Before “The Boys” universe grows uncontrollably large, test your knowledge of the series now:

The Boys Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Amazon Superhero Series?

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