The decisive step by the government

more than that, with defGovernment Georgia Meloni Can not be done. He is convinced of that Maurice CasascoVice Come on, Italy And the honorary president ConfapiItalian federation of small and medium-sized private industries.

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The standard was followed to caution Born in Accuracy And to give this government international credibility, even in the face of rating agencies – explains the power advocates in relation to it omnibus, in A7 -. A very important intervention has been made 3 billion invest in tax wedge Especially in the medium and weak teams to increase buying power. The international emergency is not just about Russia and theUkrainebut also Japanthe Chinathe KoreaAnd Taiwan: The stability and rigor with which the government operates are very important, and thanks to this wisdom they seem to already exist. 4 billion for investment in 2024 on the Italian GDP.” All this, Casasco recalls, “just 3 months after the first budget law Signed by this government. Let’s not forget this one either: The Times.

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On the table is too Purchase code: “We pay 30 years of stagnationWe are now trying to promote digitization and the use of the English language immigration: “This government favors legal and closes to illegal government. We have given quotas of 80,000 people to let in every year, but we must be able to choose them.”

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