Christoph Galtier after Nice's defeat by Metz: 'We have to change things'

Christophe Galtier (Nice coach) after the loss to Metz (0-1). : “We made the game difficult. We made a big defensive error in goal (from Centonze at min 31). Faced with an opponent with a very high athletic intensity who defends very low, this is the worst case scenario. What I regret is our start, with a very small and compact team unit. And then we had a lot of technical waste. Metz has given us big problems. Was there tension over something at stake regarding our position in the rankings, because our workforce is young? I’m not sure about that. Calvin (stings) Justin (Kluivert) We haven’t played in a while, maybe we ran out of standards. But Metz didn’t steal the victory.

“If some are comfortable, we will take them out.”

What bothers me a lot is the same kind of mistakes or behaviors being repeated at the start of a match. This was the case against Montpellier (0-1, 7 November)against Clermont (2-1, November 21). I should consider the fact that I might be less open, wait a little bit longer to address, and maybe change certain things at the player profiles level. And I will do that. When it repeats itself, you cannot stay with both feet on the same hoof. It will change things automatically. The team was generous in the second half, they participated, even if it was disorganized, chaotic. There was a desire to bring danger, which was not the case at the start of the match.

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(About the difficulties of the attackers, especially Al-Juri) We need more depth. We worked on it a lot and finally didn’t find it that way (Saturday) evening. There is a very big gap between what we worked on and what we produced. Maybe it was due to my pedagogy, maybe some guys didn’t like it. If some are at rest, we will get them out. “


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