Freddy Highmore, star of The Good Doctor: 'We Don't Underestimate Bringing Doctors to TV'

He was nine years old when he worked Discover Neverland (2004) playing little Peterone of four children born to a widow in England in 1903. At a young age, he made a grandiose show in fragility, charm, and cruelty, just about everything Hollywood looked for in new talent.

Two decades after filming this production, Freddy Highmore (London, 1992) spends three quarters of the year recording good doctor, the successful series in which he took the lead role in the story. He’s done it sacredly for five seasons, so he’s used to working out. But he never ceases to be amazed when he pauses for a moment on his career journey.

Photo: Jeff Weddell/ABC/Sony Pictures Television

“Two decades, that’s crazy! I feel like I was so lucky. If I go back 20 years, roll the dice again and see what happens, I don’t think it will happen,” he says in an interview with Worship. Except for the phrase “when they ask me questions like that”, the British actor seems more drawn to the role of the present than to the revision of his origins on the big screen, which has crystallized in titles such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005), My name is August Rush. (2007) and The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008).

First with his portrayal of Norman Bates (Bates Hotel) Then in the skin of Doctor Sean Murphy, Highmore has reached the stage of television maturity that every young star looks for. Now available in the Prime Video catalog, the first part of the fifth cycle of good doctor Claiming his best acting virtues, his character, recently engaged to marry, must confront the fact that the hospital he works at is changing ownership and questions about him being autistic and suffering from Savant Syndrome.

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This season it feels like we’re going back to the original premise a bit.: Sean as an underdog fighting something bigger than him, he explains. Although he also admits that nothing could be alike at first, especially after production launched two new cycles during the pandemic and creator, David Shore (Dr. House)decided to include Covid and then consider it fiction, opening an arc that is one of the greatest liberties taken in relation to the original material, a 2013 South Korean series that also inspires Turkish miracle doctor.

“The world we live in has changed very dramatically over the past five years, but especially over the past two years, when it comes to the pandemic. I think that has changed the way we look at personalities and the appreciation that surrounds doctors.

Photo: Jeff Weddell/ABC/Sony Pictures Television

“We are actually pretending to be doctors, instead of really putting our lives at risk. I think it is an honor and a responsibility every time not to take the doctors on TV,” the translator adds.

ABC hasn’t officially announced yet that there will be a new season (this Monday the second part of season 5 will arrive in the US), but it would be a huge surprise if it doesn’t. The hero of his novel, at least, deals well with clothes.

“Of course I am aware of that The fact that you’re in a series, and spend nine months a year filming, limits other opportunities”, he admits, adding: “But I don’t really see that as a negative. I feel so fortunate and positive to be able to play Sean in so many episodes for a good part of the year. I enjoy being able to embody a complex character for a long period of time. This is one of the joys of working on a TV series.”

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