Video Shocking - Libero Quotidiano

Chaos, ravings and horrific high-altitude images. We’re on an American plane American AirlinesThe plane departed from Dallas-Forth Worth Airport and headed to Charlotte, in short, a domestic flight. And only during the flight, a woman is caught in a kind of hysterical crisis.

From what was learned, the lady panicked and attacked the crew, then Try opening the plane door too. out of control. it’s dangerous. Therefore, the crew and flight staff chose the extreme treatments.

The woman was, in fact, bound and duct tape tied to her chair. Finally, Her movement was frozen for the rest of the flight: He can’t move, or scream, or keep screaming. The images, as mentioned, are really powerful, cool, a little tribal. In fact, as soon as the plane landed, the woman was taken into custody by the airport authorities.

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