Religion Hour, Granato:

In the Orizzonte Scuola, Senator Bianca Laura Granato, former Five Star Movement now in the mixed group with “The Alternative Is”, speaks freely about the debate now about religion in school, about the fragility of teachers of Catholic religions and the future prospects in this regard.

Bianca Laura Granato He is one of my strongest supportersCatholic school hours abolished. He has repeatedly expressed his view that the Catholic religion cannot remain one of the existing disciplines, even if chosen, for students. He does not say this from an ideological standpoint, but rather argues for analyzing it according to the criteria of public expenditure as well.

To deepen some aspects of his thinking on the subject school skyline He asked her some questions for an interview.

Weeks ago she went back to canceling the debt now. Why should it be eliminated? Moreover, it is optional. Those who do not want to follow it can always ask for an exemption.

I think the teachings of the Catholic religion should be replaced for several reasons. First of all, it is now inappropriate to continue communal teaching in public schools. It is true that it is an elective course, but it is also true that it is a waste of state resources, because in any case, it can be expected in the amount of hours even for a single student, over time an unsustainable burden, in the face of the increase in exemptions. It is easily predictable as a result of the increasing ethnic pluralism of our school communities. The alternative to the clock of religion has always existed only on paper because of the objective logistical difficulty involved in identifying the teachers available and able to cover those hours with teachings not practiced in school. The state currently spends money on those who want to follow this education, but it does not provide equal opportunities for those who do not want it or cannot follow it due to different religious beliefs, because for the alternate hour a maximum spending per year is set. When the relationship between students who use this teaching and students who do not use this teaching reverses (and will happen), the problem must be faced, however, whether it is right to invest in one or the other pupils. But why not everyone at the same time?

Can’t even an hour of history of religions be left in schools?

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Surely an hour of the history of religions would be better than the denominational education of the Catholic religion, but I will give space to an hour of the historical and philosophical disciplines, destroyed by the Gilmini Reformation. An hour dedicated to secular state values, such as the value of civic education, and had to be cut across the curricula of several disciplines, and missing hours for basic teachings, so I will prioritize what has been sacrificed at the altar of thrift!

Abolishing the debt clock would cut off thousands of teachers who have been demanding stability for years. Don’t you think it would be harmful to these teachers?

The teachings of the Catholic religion should not create a problem at work. I think those teachers who have risky careers in the long run can be absorbed into schools, based on the qualifications they have, into different jobs, maintaining staffing levels.
Bear in mind that with the Ramby Amendment, the bridge between the degrees obtained in the institutes of the Holy See and government studies has been highlighted, so we risk that by teaching the history of religions, denominational teachings without exception will be stealth introduced. Which would exacerbate the current situation.

Religion Clock, Bucalo (FDI): “It is no longer a matter of Christian education, it is an important formation for students. Determining the fate of unsettled teachers is at the table” [INTERVISTA]

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