Hail on German social democracy. As if the collapse in opinion polls, the programmatic vacuum, and the transparency of his candidate for Chancellor Olaf Schultz were not enough, another piece clashes with the Social Democratic Party: Literary theft is suspected in the drafting of the doctoral thesis, Family Minister Franziska Gevi has resigned, He is perhaps the newest and most promising face of the Social Democratic Party.

However, Geoffie’s career does not end here, as the minister said she is determined to remain the Social Democrats’ candidate for mayor of Berlin in the September 26 elections, the same date as the federal election. “I accepted the decision with respect and regretThe advisor said Angela MerkelTo which he thanked Geoffe “for the excellent cooperation in the government.” The role of the temporarily resigned woman has been assigned to Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht, who is also a social democrat.

The Doktorarbeit case began in 2019, one year after Jeffrey was appointed Minister, Who made a name for herself as the mayor of Neukölln, one of the most problematic areas of Berlin. The electronic platform accused the minister VroniPlag Wiki From using many quotes without attribution in her dissertation on the functioning of Europe, which in 2010 earned her a PhD in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin.

The first two internal checks were resolved with a patent full of suspicions: The university had allowed her to keep the title but she voiced blame, keeping doubts alive and requests to resign. Hoping to defuse the controversy, Geoffey said he would no longer put Doktor before his name. But now they’re about to reveal me Results of the third verification“In recent days – said Geoffe – there have been new discussions about my thesis. The government, my party, and public opinion have the right to clarity, which is why I asked the chancellor to release me from my duties. I confirm that I wrote my work in good faith, with all my ability and conscience, and I am sorry if I made mistakes.

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Plagiarism in academic work appears to be the karma of German politics. For the same reason, in the past They resigned in 2011 Minister of Defense, Carl Theodor Tso Gutenberg, Considered likely Merkel’s Delphine, and in 2013The Minister of Education is very loyal to Chancellor Annette Chavannes. Another CDU lawmaker, Frank Stifel, had his PhD removed in 2017: he did not resign but announced his retirement from politics at the end of his term. In 2015 VroniPlag Wiki It also raised doubts about the then defense minister and current president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, but an audit by the University of Hannover Medical School cleared it, despite “obvious loopholes” in the attribution of the quotes in his thesis.

For the Social Democrats, Geffi’s blow is yet another blow in light of the federal election. Nevertheless, the popularity of the former minister in Berlin may not undermine his ambition to win the position of mayor of the capital from the Social Democracy, which it has held continuously for twenty years.

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