Football-sized hailstones fell in China's Guangxi region

The entire south of China was affected by a strong wave of bad weather for a week, with floods, record hailstorms and the evacuation of tens of thousands of people.


In recent days, cities in the region have witnessed hailstones the size of pellets falling Guangxiin southern China, in an area that suffers from severe weather phenomena and continuous bad weather throughout the week.

Much of southern China had to deal with torrential rains that caused flooding and evacuations of tens of thousands. A typhoon was reported in Hong Kong while Guangdong, with a population of about 127 million (more than twice that of Italy), rained for days and days almost without stopping.

In Yingdi, northern Guangdong, more than thirty centimeters of rain fell from last Friday to Sunday, as confirmed by the state-run China Daily newspaper. Nearly 20,000 people were evacuated and nine rivers risked flooding. Heavy rains also hit nearby Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangxi provinces. In this last area specifically, some video clips posted on social networks show the fall of huge masses of hailstones.

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Extreme events are intense weather phenomena that usually have a long return time: dozens of years can elapse before an event of the same type occurs again. However, climate change is changing the situation: extreme events are becoming more frequent, and this requires rethinking how to address them. The hailstorm that occurred in the Guangxi region of China can be considered among the extreme weather events caused by anthropogenic climate change, that is, caused by human emissions of climate-changing gases.

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