“Esperanza dominated the decisions of the Cts”.  The latest hack on Covid

Joseph Rocco He is one of 19 people investigated by the Bergamo public prosecutor for Covid and in 2020 he was a member of the Cts. In a letter that ended up in the investigation records and was included by GDF in a disclosure and in particular in the chapter entitled “Confusion between the technical body and the political bodyRuocco wrote in his letter: “They want us to be too alignment (…]In short, politicians should not converse with us (…) they should receive our suggestions and then decide (…]a dangerous mixture“.

Cts, read the letter, born”As a technical-scientific assistance and support to the head of the Civil Protection Department, even if it does not later become a mere advisory body political forceThen Rocco adds, on several occasions, then-minister Esperanza.Agree with Brusaferro (ISS director and CTS member, ed.) on what could be a signal for CTS on the various questions he was askedAnd again, we read in the Acts,As can be seen from the records, the meetings of the CTS were attended by the Minister himself, Deputy Minister Sileri, Undersecretary Zamba and, in certain circumstances, President Conte, the circumstances, and these, coupled with the fact that the same CTS was formed from several ministerial leaders, may have been has an effect on full autonomy from this device“.

Other details of that period also emerge from the Guardia di Finanza report, such as the fact that “The Directorate of Prevention in the Ministry of Health did not have cadres capable of this to translate correctly from English to Italian“That’s why the documents.”to be translated“For a company in Cagliari. This.”Circumstances may explain why some ministerial measures were adopted several days after they were published by the World Health Organization“.

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This is just one of many.”Deficiencies in emergency management by the Ministry of Health“It was highlighted in a report from the Gdf of Bergamo in the investigative measures in the management of the epidemic in the first months of 2020. Only after February 20 we read,”feverish and Messy attempt to regulate the response system“.before that date,”Little or nothing was done at all levels, also due to scattering of responsibilities and lack of clarity of the command line“.


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