They were scheduled to go to the airport in Acceptance And leave the hell of the Taliban forever. However, the anger of Afghanistan’s new masters left no way out beekeeper and his sisters. They were flogged and humiliated in front of the American soldiers who, on the other side of the wall, “were watching and doing nothing.” At four o’clock on Friday evening, the young woman left the house where she was hiding. goal – like Corriere della Sera – era Arrive at the airport for the evacuation flight organized by the Italian Embassy.

In fact, Nahal is a former employee of the Italian Cooperation. She also had her three sisters. One of them is eight months pregnant. Now they have to leave the country immediately because of their previous cooperation with foreigners. “We left about four,” Nahal said. “They told us we should be near the main entrance. When the message arrived, we burst into tears of joy“But she and her sisters were told they had to get to the airport on their own.

“At the entrance to the airport, we immediately realized how difficult it was to pass. First of all The Taliban insulted and beat anyone who tried to enter with sticks and whips. But above all, the crowd and the crowd at the second gate shouted and pushed, making entry impossible,” Nahal continued. Since the Taliban entered Kabul, in fact, the airport has been stormed every day by those who wish. Run away. Nahal tried to protect her pregnant sister’s stomach : “I started yelling at some people, begging I wouldn’t hit her. but Even in the crowd there were people armed with sticks, not only among the Taliban.”. And finally: “I was offended, not only by the blows but also because they treated us like animals, as if we were something other than a human being.”

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