Corruption begins in Galatasaray: Team beat, red card - exit?

Galatasaray was initially corrupt
Fellow player scored, red card – kicked?

Until Margio goes completely crazy – it looks like Galatasaray is a loose league opener for Istanbul. The Brazilian beat a teammate and the red ball was thrown off the field. The reasons for the frenzy are not yet clear and experts are in favor of dismissing the expert.

Galatasaray Istanbul beat Giresunspor 2-0 at the end of the first day of the Turkish Super League on Monday. But it was the events between Galatasaray professionals Marcão and Kerem Aktürkoğlu that shaped the game. It was in the 63rd minute that the game seemed to be over when the Brazilian ran 25 meters towards his Turkish team and hit him.

Marxio first gave a head to the confused Akhtar. The Brazilian punched his colleague twice in the face with his fist. Only the approaching team was able to prevent the 25-year-old from further attacks. The Giresunspor players drew the referee’s attention to the action, and according to the video footage, the referee sent Margio away in red. Galatasaray coach Fatih Terim then kicked Akhtar out of the game, and even Grayson’s fans applauded the 22-year-old. On the side he said, “How can he hit me?”

Will Margio be fired?

It is not yet clear why Marco attacked his team. Turkish media speculate about an internal sentence, but Galatasaray Istanbul has not yet released an official statement. “It doesn’t happen often,” Derim said, noting corruption following the game. “As a football family, we all have all sorts of arguments in the locker room and on the pitch. However, this is the first time I ‘ve seen anything like this on the field with my own team-mate. We still know what’s not happening. It’s not always pretty.” Not that kind of sweet either, ”the coach said, but they now want to find a solution locally.

“Your talent brought you here. It’s your nature to keep you here.” These principles are condemned in large letters in the Galatasaray facility. As Margio violated this motto, experts and commentators took him harshly. “A footballer who does not know the history of the shirt worn by Kaladasa and the values ​​that the club represents will not benefit,” said sports journalist Kanath Atkaya. “Galatasaray must find peace and a consistent team identity. Otherwise they will win the game but lose the league.”

Former Turkish international Algar Yasolo said: “I will not keep a player like Margio on the team. I am not a lawyer, but the club should have the right to terminate the contract after this incident.”

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