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(ANSA) – LONDON, August 12 – British authorities have officially declared a drought emergency in many areas of England, including the capital, London, after months of low rainfall and record high temperatures.

Parts of southwest, south, central and eastern England are affected by the alarming situation that requires new forms of rationing, according to the statement from the National Drought Group, the body that monitors water reserves. The state of emergency was last declared in 2018. “We urge everyone to carefully manage the amount of water they use during this exceptionally dry period,” said National Drought Group President Harvey Bradshaw.

Water companies have been preparing for extraordinary measures for days and some have already been introduced. With the new state, they will be able to more easily ban customers from watering the garden or washing their cars, but also impose tighter restrictions, extending the trade ban to include cleaning buildings, vehicles and windows. There is also the possibility of drawing more water than usual from rivers and reservoirs. But for now, authorities are reassuring that “basic water supplies are guaranteed”. (Dealing).

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