platforms Internet They are always looking for ways to be more useful and attractive to users. Whether through new functionality, policies, tools or design, Social media They want to attract and retain users. in this sense Twitter Just changed your Source with the man lyric what does he have proprietary The reactions were varied.

If you were already on Twitter today, sure enough when scrolling in the timeline, you noticed that it looks a little different. This is because the platform has started to implement some of them Virtualization settings Either in the desktop version or in the mobile application.

The company’s design account detailed all about the new look in a thread I posted today. In this explains it chirp is the first property typeface Twitter and that it was designed with the intention of being able to align the text of a file Tweets Written in western languages ​​with the left side of the interface. In other words, the new font is mainly designed for Make reading easier of content as users scroll through your timeline.

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“The tone strikes a balance between chaos and sharpness to amplify the fun and disrespect of a tweet, but can also carry the weight of seriousness when necessary,” he said. Twitter In a blog post.

It must be said that the company actually launched this font last January but only used it in items such as promotional materials and graphics, that is, it was not the character seen in the feed or when browsing the app. At the time, Derritt Derwin, the company’s creative director, said it was his “personal desire” to make Chirp the main character. And now it is implemented globally. Although it must be said that not everyone sees the new look, it will take days before they find it.

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Fun thing you can do with this Update Is to tweet the Twitter logo if you write [CHIRPBIRDICON] in the tweet compose box. That means “chirp,” “bird,” and “icon” are all combined into one word, and must be capitalized for the icon to appear.

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More changes

On the other hand, Twitter has also modified the use of the color. He says he did his best to reduce the use of blue and increase variance So that the symbols are used frequently and Visual content The pictures are highlighted.

One of the changes that interests many is that it will now provide an option Personalization. The microblogging network announced that it plans to release additional color palettes soon. “This is just the beginning of more Updates Visuals as Twitter becomes more focused on you and what you have to say,” the company said.

In fact, those who already have access to the paid version of the platform, blue twitter They can already color adjustment from the app and change appearance From the app icon, though, the service is only available for iOS in Canada and Australia at the moment.

Beyond RedesignThe company is also rolling out a feature in the app spaces Allows users to change the sound of their voices when they speak during a presentation.

The reason for the tool, the company said, is: “We know that people are often uncomfortable with their voices. Giving people pleasant and beneficial effects can lower the threshold.”


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