Karen Ferry has been replaced by a former beauty queen?

It has been known since last June that Karen Ferry will not be performing “The Voice” anymore. And the hostess may be replaced by a former beauty queen.

In fact, according to information from hereIt’s Tatiana Silva, who’s approaching him to take over. Elected Miss Belgium in 2005, the 37-year-old is “nice, fun and very professional,” a source close to the production told our colleagues.

“shoulders role”

“She has proven within minutes that she has shouldered the shoulders of this role,” she added. There was a good chance that Iris Mittenaere, Miss France and Miss Universe 2016, was chosen to present the live broadcast of the show, and the magazine selects, but her selection clearly did not go as planned.

Karen Ferry, who joined Tele-hook in 2013 to replace Virginie de Clausade, said her presence on “The Voice,” embodied by Nikos Aliagas since its launch, “was anecdotal.”

The 39-year-old host, who co-hosted Dancing With the Stars, is now solely responsible for the show’s debriefing. In addition, she continues to present the Weekend Docs, alternating with her potential new replacement Tatiana Silva.

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