Philippe Lachaux mocked Elodie Fontaine: You dropped a big file, and it's funny

“Because tomorrow night is the Enfoirés show and we are so lucky to have this amazing bilingual singer by our side…because he put up a photo file a few years ago and I never got retaliated…and because he never wanted me to show these videos and I can’t wait to see the face he makes when Discover this post!!! @laceauphilippeenfoiresofficiel” Elodie Fontaine said in a comment on the invaluable Insta post.

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“But are you serious?”Philip Lachaux’s reaction

Big file made a lot of laughs! Well, not everyone is. Because if netizens were too many to like and hit the bars when they saw the video, Philippe Lacho, on the other hand, was a bit revered. It was stated in the comments to Elodie Fontan: “Are you serious?!!!!!!”. In short, a beautiful complicity between Elodie Fontan and Philippe Lacheau, who do not hesitate to clash well to laugh and amuse their many fans.

Sharing professional and personal life requires a lot of work. Elodie Fontaine told us two: “You have to be able to support yourself throughout the day” And the “You also have to know how to make a place for everything. Business should not extend to personal life”.

“She asked me many times to cut, in fact, because I tend to think, write, and act all the time” For his part, Philippe Lachaux admitted to aside on channel +, “I work a lot and she’s right in saying, for a while, you have to cut out, you have to enjoy something else, life, all of it. She’s right. Otherwise I would just do it, it’s been a passion since she was little and so I want to live it fully. It is true that sometimes… that’s what.


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