Foto: Lightyear.

On June 17, the film’s soundtrack will be released on all digital platforms.

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated animated films of this year.Light year” From DisneyAnd the Pixar; that will tell the audience the true story behind the game that marked a generation.

And despite the release of several developments that left all fans more than pleased, the mouse company will now let the public know in advance Audio recording.

Written by the Academy Award-winning composer, Michel GiacchinoMission Perpetual will be available on June 17th on all digital platforms.

“One of my favorite sequences is called Mission Perpetual. It’s at the beginning of the movie when Buzz tries to accomplish a mission and fails over and over. It was an interesting challenge for me because the music had to convey several different things: Buzz’s frustration with himself and grief at being alone in that mission, So is his enduring desire and drive to achieve his goal. I went through a similar ‘task’ to get this music right, and once I did, it was so rewarding.”

– Michael Giacchino

As expected, Disney made the house through the window to create the film’s soundtrack, because fCreated in 15 days by an orchestra of 89 musicians and a chorus of 39 singers.. In it you can see 31 tracks, which will also be available in a . format Dolby Atmos musica new technology that transports the listener in a special way within the music, providing an experience of unparalleled clarity and depth.

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do not miss “Light yearยป In all theaters.

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