Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon split up: the actor reveals the reasons for their breakup

cult comedy far away brothers Marie at any cost It will air on TFX tonight at 9:05 PM. An opportunity for viewers to watch or see beauty again Cameron Diaz In the skin of Mary, a very polite young woman must choose from suitors willing to double their ingenuity to get the girl of their dreams. A movie that brought Cameron Diaz and Matt Dillon together on screen when they were a married couple in the mid-’90s.

Before meeting her current husband Benji Madden, the 49-year-old actress had enjoyed a three-year love affair with singer Justin Timberlake. And even before, she was in a relationship with actor Matt Dillon. The two former lovers met while filming each other in Minnesota (Feeling Minnesota for Cameron Diaz, beautiful girls Matt Dillon). The former model was not stingy with the compliments at that time on her beloved. She also said to rolling rock : “Mate is the best, it’s unique…never went the commercial route. He is intelligent, poetic, complete, real. He is on the ground. Matt is the longest.

However, the poetess does not last. After the release of Marie at any cost, where the couple shares the poster with Ben Stiller, decides to separate. Years later, the actor Rusty James He explained to Bareed:I’ve fallen in love. It’s a very powerful thing when you feel that way for someone. Cameron was an inspiration to me. I have never had deep emotional relationships.The actor revealed to Rolling Stone the reasons for their separation:This was the race, and we were very close but it was the race. I lived in Los Angeles, I lived in New York, it was hard. It’s been a race, no other reason.

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The most nostalgic wouldn’t shy away from their delight to find this legendary pair on their screen this evening on TFX at 9:05 PM. Especially since the star walked away from filming locations in 2014. The star now spends her time surrounded by her loved ones, which are her husband Benji Madden and daughter Radix.


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