AMD les processeurs de revision Ryzen 5000 B2 noffriront pas

TL; Dr: AMD publicly confirmed that its recently spotted Ryzen processors are already in place, but it won’t offer any significant performance improvements over their predecessors. According to an AMD representative, the new B2 review is the result of an improved manufacturing process and is expected to be available within the next six months.

The leak indicates that AMD may launch the Ryzen 5000XT series as a B2 scaling CPU that included two SKUs: a 16-core processor with a 3.4GHz core clock and a 5.0GHz boost clock, and a hex-core processor with a 3.7GHz core clock. And 4.6 GHz Boost Clock.

After being asked about this development, AMD released a statement confirming that these are not new processors. The new B2 scaling processors are exactly the same as the Ryzen 5000 currently available, found on the B0 stepper. The only difference is that it is the result of a new manufacturing process.

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“As part of its continuous effort to improve our manufacturing and logistics capabilities, AMD is gradually transitioning the AMD Ryzen 5000 series desktop processors to a ‘B2’ revision over the next six months.” An AMD representative said: “There are no features, functions, or performance improvements to the B2 revision, nor A BIOS update is required.

It is very common for chip makers to release new product reviews when certain components are replaced, processes improved, bugs fixed, or some other component. Although AMD has not confirmed the reason for creating a new revision, it is possible that B2 processors will come with slight adjustments to improve their yields, thus increasing production and inventory of the Ryzen 5000 series.

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Another plausible explanation for the new Ryzen 5000 review is to correct the PSF bugs introduced in Zen3 chips and / or Specter vulnerabilities in the microprocessor cache of Zen processors. Ultimately, most end users will not be able to distinguish the Ryzen 5000 B0 processor from the B2 processor.

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