The story of the Aurora ship, the latest addition to the Sea Watch fleet

the ship Aurora Since May 2022 it is the new vehicle used by the German NGO Sea Watch for operations in the Mediterranean. It is the fastest ship in the organization’s fleet and is headquartered in Berlin. In addition to the Aurora, Sea Watch also works with Sea Watch 3, the protagonist of the Guardia di Finanza patrol boat ramming in Lampedusa in June 2019 with Carola Rackete as captain, and the Sea Watch 4.

Moving from the Royal National Lifeboat Foundation to the Sea Watch

Aurora already has several years of operations behind it. In fact, the ship was first used before Royal National Lifeboat CorporationIt is a charitable organization based in United kingdom It was founded on March 4, 1824. Therefore, it is one of the oldest and oldest human associations.

The body works mainly in the English Channel, interfering with its own means in case of difficulty in boats. The Aurora is among the ships at its disposal until 2019. The vehicle was then purchased three years later by the NGO Sea Watch. This was announced by the German organization itself.

The Aurora is undergoing some work aimed at adapting the ship for navigation in the Mediterranean, after which it becomes a full member of the Sea Watch fleet. It is the third ship currently used by the NGO in its missions in the Mediterranean.

Characteristics of the ship Aurora

As announced by the Sea Watch, the Aurora ship is “British 14-meter Trent rescue equipment converted specifically for operation in the Mediterranean“.Its speed can reach 25 knots.”This makes it – He reads a note posted by the German NGO on its Twitter channel – One of the fastest ships in the civilian fleet“.

The main feature of the Aurora ship is its own Speed Ability. “Aurora – always reading the note from the Sea Watch intended to introduce the new car -“.

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Collaboration between Sea Watch and Sar Relief in the UK

Aurora is operated by Sea Watch in association with another British entity, the Search and Rescue Reliefknown by the acronym SAR. is an organization born in 2019 and, As read on their website“.

Currently – we are still reading – We cooperate with some projects in the middle of the MediterraneanAmong these should be a partnership with the NGO Sea Watch to manage the Aurora. SARR is also known to have managed the lifeboat refurbishment and outfitting in the past. Louise MichelFunded by the artist Banksy.

Aurora’s first mission in May 2022

The Aurora first began its operation at the end of May 2022. In particular, at night between May 29 and 30, the ship rescued 80 migrants in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, who were welcomed on board by a crew of six. A few hours later, the Italian Ministry of the Interior headed by Luciana Lamorgeseawarded port LampedusaHere is where the Aurora docked on May 31.


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