Zucchini and salmon fritters, the perfect appetizer to wow all your relatives at Christmas: they’re easy to prepare and delicious
Zucchini fritters with salmon – iFood.it

Are you looking for a quick appetizer to wow your guests? Here’s a delicious recipe for zucchini and salmon fritters.

Zucchini and salmon fritters represent a The perfect appetizer for the Christmas holidaysIt combines delicate and refined flavors in a simple but effective dish.

This recipe is easy and quick to prepare and is perfect for anyone looking for it A delicious and innovative optionAnd to surprise your guests.

With a few quality ingredients and intuitive preparation, these pancakes will turn out delicious It should be on your festive menuoffering the perfect combination of taste and lightness.

the Ricotta pancakes with salmon and zucchini They are delicious both hot and cold, making them perfect for a Christmas buffet or as a starter at a formal lunch or dinner.

Zucchini and salmon fritters: ingredients

To make approx 15 zucchini and salmon pieYou will need the following ingredients: 250g cow’s milk ricotta cheese, which will form the smooth and creamy base for your pancakes; 1 zucchini, pre-cooked with oil and salt in a pan, which you can also grate and add raw for quicker preparation; 60 grams of smoked salmon which will add a touch of flavor and sophistication; 100 grams of 00 flour to give the dough the right consistency; Essential frying oil for golden and crispy outside of the pancakes.

These simple but high-quality ingredients combine perfectly to create an appetizer that delights the palate. Ricotta and smoked salmon are a classic combination It is always appreciated, while the zucchini adds a touch of freshness and lightness. The flour helps bind all the ingredients, ensuring the pies maintain their shape while baking.

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Zucchini and salmon fritters recipe
Zucchini fritters – iFood.it

How to prepare zucchini and salmon fritters: procedure

The process of preparing zucchini and salmon fritters is surprisingly simple. Start by softening the ricotta with a pinch of salt in a bowl using a wooden spoon. Then add the zucchini and salmon cut into pieces, and mix the mixture well. Add the flour and mix until you get a smooth dough. At this point, you can form balls of the same size and place them on a baking sheet. If the dough is too soft, due to the presence of more or less watery ricotta, you can take small amounts of the dough with a spoon and immerse them directly in the hot oil.

For cooking, you have two options: Fry the balls in hot oil, turning them from time to time, until they become golden brown, or bake them in the oven. To bake in the oven, place the pies on a baking tray lined with baking paper, add a little oil and cook in a stationary oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 10 minutes.


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