Social problems derived from pandemic From Coronavirus disease They brought “The Brazil To the maximum “, He is the former head of evil Jair Bolsonaro To announce it. The head of state, Speak to some sympathizers in Brasilia, he admits Waiting for a signal from people because “Hunger, misery and unemployment are there for all to see, not just for those who do not want to see it.

Brazil, latest Bolsonaro news: ‘masks have harmful side effects for children’

A low-cost vaccine coming from America, the first human tests in Brazil and Mexico

In spite of Vaccinations To date, the equivalent of 32 million doses have been administered, mainly Coronavac and strict confinement measures, including A complete lockout Too much criticism from Bolsonaro for making people fat, Country Saint PaulThe week with the most deaths, hardest hit by the Coronavirus in Brazil, was between 4 and 10 April Since the beginning of the epidemic, with 5,657 victims.

And this number is practically three times the number recorded in the week with the largest number of deaths due to the first wave virus, in mid-July, when 1945 deaths were recorded. The data comes from the local health secretariat, according to which the richest and most populous state in the South American giant continues to record deaths (84,380) and injuries (2,667,241) due to the disease.

Brazil Health Minister towards resignation: nationwide protests against lockdown

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