Election results in Poland 2023

Poland voted in the general election in favor of renewing the parliament. The new House of Representatives (House of Representatives) will form the new majority that will lead one of the most populous countries. With major implications for Warsaw and Europe, today already after the results of Slovakia and above all in light of the European vote in June 2024. On this page, all the results.

Election results in Poland: votes and seats

Post-election majority simulation in Poland

Who can rule Poland after the vote? Will Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Party, President Duda and Prime Minister Morawiecki be able to obtain a majority by allying with the far-right, to which Kon belongs? Will they be able to form a government that will have a strong influence on the European Union? Or do the pro-Europeans in KO with the left of NL and the centrists in TD have a majority? Click on the edges to see the simulations.

Polish Senate results

The Senate of the Polish Parliament consists of 100 members elected in majority constituencies. It is less politically important than the House of Representatives.

Task Morawiecki: Leaders and Parties, Opinion Poll Historian

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