The chase continues. After two straight wins, HSV wants to get the next three on Saturday (1.30pm / live tape on MOPO.de) down in Ingolstadt and improve their cards in the battle for promotion. Only wins matter to HSV this season – especially since the race for the top spots kept escalating yesterday.

They had just arrived in Ingolstadt when they were confirmed. Schalke 04 victory over Sandhausen, in addition to errors by Werder (2-3 against Kiel) and St. Pauli (1-1 against Nuremberg). Results that can have a lasting impact on HSV match day. With his victory in Ingolstadt, he will rise to three points in second place.

Upgrade battle: HSV must score points in Ingolstadt

Others provided, HSV must answer. The Pros headed south on Friday at 5:40 p.m., confident and trying not to worry too much about competition performance. “It’s natural to get results,” coach Tim Walter said succinctly. “But we try to stay with ourselves and win our games. It has been like this all season.”

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It should remain that way. Because in the Hamburg camp they know: whatever the competition does – if the HSV team does not solve its tasks in Ingolstadt, then against Hannover (May 7) and finally in Rostock (May 15), it will have no chance of finishing in one of the top three places.

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HSV coach Walter warns against Ingolstadt opponents

Accordingly, they live the creed in Volkspark not to look too much to the right and left. Success at the bottom will be the next anchor for hope in the fight for promotion. Just like the last time in Regensburg, when HSV kept their chances at 4:2. “We’ve never left,” goalkeeper Daniel Hoyer-Fernandez said after the race to climb.

And on Saturday? It will be difficult, and that is to be expected. The host country has already been relegated. The stumbling block for HSV couldn’t be much bigger right now. “Ingolstadt has good players, even if they can’t always show it,” Walter says. “We know they have quality. But we also know we have quality.”

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We have to prove it again to stay on the path found by HSV again. If he wins, he will overtake not only St. Pauli but also Darmstadt at least until Saturday night. The Hessians will play Aue starting at 8:30 p.m., and Walter and the Pros will be with him on the 730-kilometre return bus ride – and after work is done, they’ll get a closer look at the competition. .


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