Signed an agreement with a country that does not exist –

A Paraguayan government official has been replaced after his signature was revealed Memorandum of Understanding With representatives of a fictional country. The revelation sparked a scandal – and a lot of ridicule on social media – in Paraguay, but it is not the first time representatives of the opposition have demonstrated. United States Kailasa They are deceiving international leaders. Earlier this year, they were able to attend a UN committee meeting in Geneva, and also signed agreements with local leaders in the United States and Canada. This time it was Arnaldo Chamorro who fell in love with herHe replaced Wednesday as chief of staff of Paraguay’s Ministry of Agriculture to sign a “declaration” with U.S. representatives in Kailasa. Among other things, the October 16 “Declaration” expressed “the sincere desire and recommendation that the Government of Paraguay actively consider, explore and seek to establish diplomatic relations with the United States in Kailasa and support the United States’ acceptance of Kailasa as an independent nation.” “A sovereign and independent state in various international organizations, including, among others, the United Nations,” reads a copy of the agreement posted on social media.

The teacher is sought after all over the world

Representatives of the fictional country met with Chamorro and Agriculture Minister Carlos Gimenez, Chamorro said in a radio interview. During the interviewChamorro admitted that he did not know the whereabouts of Kailasa He said he signed what he called a “memorandum of understanding” because representatives of this hypothetical country had offered to help Paraguay on a number of issues including irrigation. Photos posted on Kailasa’s social media accounts also show representatives from the fictional nation signing agreements with local leaders from the municipalities of Maria Antonia and Carpay. On the Kailasa website, the fictional country is described as “a rebirth of the ancient enlightened nation of Hindu civilization revived by displaced Hindus all over the world.” Led by a self-proclaimed teacher, NithyanandaHe is wanted in India on several charges including sexual assault. His whereabouts are unknown.

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