The TUSMO solution to the word June 30, 2022?

Every day at midnight, great site Lets you find the “Word of the Day” which is six to nine letters long. For that June 30, 2022The finding word consists of nine letters and begins with the letter “S”.

If you do not want to search for the word of the day or you have no ideas, you can find below TUSMO solution of June 30, 2022.

See the TUSMO Word of the Day solution for June 30, 2022


TUSMO Solutions for the package dated June 30, 2022?

“Continuation of the Day” is another game offered on a daily basis, however, the sequel will ask you to find a single and unique word like “Word of the Day” and give you the opportunity to do so. Look for four words of six, seven, eight and nine letters. For TUSMO fans who have trouble finding one of the four words in the Suite du Jour, here it is TUSMO Solutions of June 30, 2022.

See Resolution 1 of the sequel dated June 30, 2022


See Solution 2 for a sequel dated June 30, 2022


See Solution 3 for a sequel dated June 30, 2022


See Solution 4 for a sequel dated June 30, 2022


TUSMO, what is it?

Sports TUSMO It takes the opinion of Modus, the most popular television show that aired on France 2 from the early 1990s to 2019. For those who have not heard of Modus and all the descendants that have appeared on the internet recently, the rules are very simple. Players aim to find a word that has a limited number of letters, with the first letter of the same word being the same code.

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Of course, the words to guess are in French and should be in common dictionaries. Participants have six attempts to find the word. Each proposal can only begin with the imposed letter of the day. Once the first proposal is submitted, colored characters will appear.

  • The red letters are well placed and in the right place.
  • The yellow letters are in the word, but they are incorrect.
  • The other characters are not in the word of the day.

Most sensible people will understand, but it is important to find the words as soon as possible. You have to brainwash or use The solution given

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