NFL |  The Bucs and Seahawks will play their first match in Germany

(London) The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks will play their first NFL regular season game in Germany, on the lawn at Bayern Munich.

Posted at 9:35 a.m.

The NFL said Wednesday that that game will take place at the Allianz Arena on November 13. Frankfurt will also host a regular season match each year for the next four campaigns.

Bucs star Tom Brady became the first quarterback to start in three different countries. He won his two matches with the New England Patriots in London, and another in Mexico City.

The schedule for the three NFL matches that will be shown in London next season has also been revealed, and the Green Bay Packers will become the last team to set foot on European soil.

The Packers will meet the New York Giants on October 9 at the home of Tottenham Football Club. This duel will take place a week after the clash between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings, at the same location.

The Denver Broncos will meet the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 30 at Wembley Stadium. The Jags played one game there for seven consecutive seasons, until 2019, before moving to their home ground from Tottenham last year.

It will be the last international match between 49R San Francisco and Arizona Cardinals on November 21 in Mexico City.

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