Green Pass, what are other countries doing?  Mandatory in France, liberation of all in Great Britain

Here with us, starting August 6, green lane It will be mandatory for clubs, events, museums, cinemas and much more. But how are other countries doing? The green certificate has become a real permit for dozens and dozens of activities, but it is also an additional boost to vaccination for those citizens who are still hesitant. In addition to moving between different EU countries, health clearance plays an increasingly important role in individual countries to counter the spread of the dreaded delta variant with ad hoc measures.

Green Pass, where is it needed? Guide to Use (and Benefits) of the Green Certification


Vaccination commitment for health workers from next September and mandatory Covid from August for cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and museums as well as planes, trains, long-distance buses and medical facilities. These are the measures taken by the French government to speed up vaccinations and counter the spread of the delta variable in the country. It is no coincidence that after the president’s announcement Macron Last July 12, in one night, nearly one million people in France Book an appointment to get للحصول Serum anti-Covid.

United kingdom

In complete contrast to what is happening in United kingdom. In fact, on July 19, it was much needed.”Freedom Day‘, with almost all restrictions imposed to combat Covid-19 being liftedAscherine is no longer mandatory in public places – for example in shops and on transport – and the limits on gatherings have disappeared, as is an indication of working from home. In addition, nightclubs, theaters and restaurants have completely reopened, while bars are no longer limited to table service only. All this while the number of infections is still high (yesterday 36 thousand), despite a slight decrease compared to the boom of recent weeks.


in a Spain There is a “tiger spot” close. However, individual districts, one by one, are heading in the same direction: re-running the night curfew (from 1 to 6 a.m.), armored weekends and a halt to gatherings. The Balearic Islands, Catalonia, the Valencian Community and now also Navarre and Galicia agreed to this type of measure. The green lane is mandatory for tourism, and only in some areas, also for public events.

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Compulsory green passage, jurists: “The solution provided for in the constitution”

other countries

With the new wave of Delta variant, the . file Greece I decided to make the green lane mandatory for bars, restaurants and tourist sites. A night curfew was imposed in places such as Mykonos. Then there is a case GermanyWhere there are no specific procedures related to the health card, and the reliance is mainly on the sensitivity of citizens. in a Portugal The green certificate is used to go to restaurants in key regions of the country, including Lisbon and Porto.

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