Most kids will tell you that learning math is not fun. And they generally have good reasons to believe so. But as a parent, you’d want your child to enjoy learning.

Apart from the joy that comes with watching your child relish getting an education, there’s also the fact that kids learn faster in a fun environment. So, your child’s progress may depend on how much fun they’re having in a math class.

In this article, you’ll learn about different methods that make learning math fun for kids.

Why Is It Important for Kids to Have Fun Learning Math?

Kids spend a huge part of their childhood playing, and studies have shown that playing provides numerous benefits including the ability to learn. If you’ve ever raised children, you can agree that kids are easily distracted and can quickly become disinterested when they’re engaged in an activity that isn’t fun. This is the reason why many kids struggle in a math class.

Hence, the challenge for parents and tutors is to find a way to make learning math fun. If kids have fun while learning math, their engagement and motivation in the subject are increased. Kids are more likely to be actively engaged in the learning process, which can lead to a better understanding and retention of the concepts taught in math classes.

Additionally, when children enjoy learning math, they can easily develop a positive attitude toward the subject. Today, many people face math anxiety due to a lack of a positive relationship with the subject. But if kids are having fun while learning, they can develop a better relationship with math. This can go a long way to ensure they’ll continue studying the subject in the future.

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In general, when learning math is fun and engaging, tutors can achieve better outcomes as  the process becomes more enjoyable and less intimidating for kids.

How Online Math Classes Can Be Fun for Kids

If your child doesn’t enjoy learning math in school, you can’t simply fold your arms and hope for the best. There are different things parents can do to help their kids, and one of them is signing up for online maths classes. 

Currently, many learning websites offer online mathematics courses. These classes are conducted over the internet, typically through a website or learning management system. They can be taken by students of all ages, including kids learning math for third grade. The lessons can be self-paced or follow a set schedule, and the classes are taught by experienced tutors.

Math learning websites like have come up with unique ways to make maths online classes more fun and engaging for kids. Some of the strategies they deploy include:

  • Game-based Learning: Some online tutoring websites like introduce children to game-based learning. Math games combine fun gameplay with math learning. Children can play these games and learn different math concepts.

Game-based learning has proven to be a highly effective way of learning math because kids respond to interactive learning. With a fun gaming experience, they can enjoy the learning process and easily assimilate the lessons.

  • One-on-one Classes: Another way online lessons help kids learn math in a fun way is via one-on-one private lessons. Some kids find it difficult to learn in an environment where they’re not the central focus. But the private classes provide the attention they need.
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One-on-one classes allow a teacher to understand your child and the type of teaching method they respond to. A tutor may incorporate certain elements and references that children can relate to. They can also make up examples using your child’s favorite cartoon character or comic book hero. This nuanced method of teaching can only be achievable in private online classes where both a tutor and a child have plenty of time to build a relationship.

  • Short Classes: Have you ever felt good being in a class or meeting that you know would take much of your time? Kids in the USA spend an average of 6 hours daily in school; one class after another. Continuous learning can become a bit overwhelming, especially since kids have a short attention span. This is why it’s beneficial that online classes are relatively short.

For example, Brighterly’s online classes only last for 45 minutes. This is enough time for your child to learn without becoming tired or too distracted. When the classes are short and engaging, students can follow the lessons easily.

  • Flexible Schedule: One of the reasons kids aren’t that happy to go to school is the lack of flexibility in the schedule. They have to go to school every day and need to wake up early every morning to get ready. However, online math classes aren’t like that. If your child has had a long day and can’t attend an online class, you can easily reschedule. If you need to fix the class at another time, you can do so too. This means your child won’t miss a single lesson even when they’re unable to attend the class for a while.
  • Convenience: Another way online classes make learning math fun for kids is the convenience they enjoy. Your child doesn’t have to dress up in school clothes or hurriedly eat breakfast. They can connect to the class via a laptop and a stable internet connection. The convenience means they’re far more relaxed and in a better state of mind to enjoy the class. They aren’t being distracted by friends or threatened by a bully. These factors can make a big difference in your child’s ability to learn math.
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Final Thoughts

If you have a 3rd grader who is struggling with their 3rd grade math lessons, it’s easy to blame it on their ability to learn quickly. However, kids are different, and what works for other kids may not work for your child. This is why it’s important to explore fun ways for kids to learn math. If the school environment isn’t helping, maybe your child needs to take math for third grade lessons online to improve their math skills.


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