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Criticize Karina Casella in these hours. The woman found herself having to respond via social networks

It is not always easy to be able to ride social, especially when it comes from a very specific context such as television. The danger is that you will be hideous, or in any case unsuitable for mastering an instrument that is as interesting and at the same time dangerous as social media. Yes, because a wrong post, a wrongly timed sentence or a particular photo, or a misplaced video is enough to cause controversy. That’s why congratulations should be given to those who are very capable of staying on top of the wave, with a large following.

Karina Casella (web source)

A woman who has experimented with television to the full in recent years has succeeded. We are talking about Karina Casella, the historical face of “Men and Women” and in fact one of the most talked about characters on the show. It’s been years since Karina and Salvatore were the heroines of the format hosted by Maria de Filippi, and at that time they decided to go out with the show. The two then had a very lively relationship, which also saw the arrival of young daughter Jennifera. But several years ago, Salvatore and Karina were not together anymore.

La Cascella continued her personal journey with another female companion, and at work we also see her on TV as a commentator, perhaps on programs Barbara Dorso Even if you happen to see it again in “men and women” studies. But on social media, Karina shows herself constantly, daily. She has a very close relationship with her fans, who are waiting for new content that Cascella herself publishes every day.

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Karina Casella, criticism from fans for an unimaginable reason

And so Karina, as mentioned, shows a lot of her private life. The love of his daughter Jennifera, her partner, travels the world. But also many sponsorships, making his stay on social media more and more a job. Brands rely on Cascella because they understand how a woman is followed by the public not only because of her physical appearance, but also because besides being beautiful she is a woman who often takes a stand. Very sensitive issues.

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Stories by Karina Casella (Instagram)

In the past few hours, Kareena herself published a certain story, in which she, in fact, responded to the criticism that she watched her hero. “goat again Talking about a thread that appears in the picture on my thigh, shouting at Photo shop “, Explained Kareena who reciprocated to those who questioned one of her shots. “It’s a tattoo fried potato. Bye,” then commented La Cascella.


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