Eva Longoria shares a rare photo with her son Santiago

On Christmas, the 46-year-old actress took a pose with her grown-up 3-year-old son Santiago.

While yesterday Eva Longoria was the buzz on Instagram by sharing a photo of her in a swimsuit, showing off her dream abs, she caught the eye with another shot. In fact, on December 24, 2021, the 46-year-old actress and mother of a toddler revealed a rare snapshot of her and her son.

A little boy who grew up well

In this photo, we discover Eva Longoria and her son Santiago sitting at the foot of a Christmas tree. We discover the adorable “Boyle” of the little 3-year-old, who has already grown up. With his hair of medium length, round cheeks and a smile on his face, Santiago has something to crack. Commenting on this photo, the actress wrote: “Happy birthday to everyone!”. An unprecedented photo that has succeeded since it collected more than 30 thousand “likes” and dozens of comments.

On December 16, it was revealed in a video posted on Instagram that the actress is installing her own Christmas tree. We could see his son Santiago there. On November 29, she also caused a stir by sharing a photo of her in a bikini with her son, a smile on her face.


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