Laura Pozzo's reaction to Salvador Zerboni's return home

The weeks of controversy don’t stop at ‘The House of Celebrities’, it’s the knowledge that every day is getting closer to the final, all the contenders want to be winners, even though only one will win and that’s what often makes there different. Types of competition disputes.

And that’s just before finding out who the eighth was eliminated, in the kitchen a strong argument can be observed between Laura Pozzo and Salvador Zerboni, as the former was allegedly not to be nominated, and according to the actor, he wanted the audience to like him by trying to clean the kitchen, all of which sparked Some rude comments from both sides and making them both stop talking to each other.

According to a video clip that was broadcast on social networking sites, it all started when Zarbouni was washing the dishes in the kitchen and Laura tried to approach him, noting that she was finishing the activity that the TV actor was doing, and also asked to clean the broom, he said she was upset and indicated that the fan ” He doesn’t even know how to wash the mug,” she replied that she had washed the kitchen many times, so she began exchanging words.

look of contempt

On the other hand, with all this controversy, after Zerbouni was the first to return home after the elimination round, it was possible to notice the look of contempt given to him by the Peruvian fan, which also did not surprise the audience, then from this fight it was already expected for something to happen.

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While he thanked the actor again for the opportunity, Laura’s displeasure was noticeable, who actually avoided the hugs he tried to give her. “Thank you, I don’t know now, but I have a sweet and bitter taste, but first of all I want to thank you for wanting me here, and here I will endure everything, because I am the warrior of light who fights and will continue to do jokes. Thank you, thank you, I love my friends there ‘Sorry if I’m not impressed today, but you already know me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will keep fighting here, and I will wait for you because of the respect and love I have for you,’ said Salvador, while Pozzo continued to look at him in a somewhat indifferent manner.


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