Hervey got the first kiss of his life on the show Love is in the meadow, airs Monday, October 25 on M6. The sequence responded strongly to Internet users.

episode Love is in the meadow Monday October 25th was full of emotions. And for good reason, Hervey, The 43-year-old dairy farmer, There he lived the first kiss of his life. The lucky winner is none other than Stephanie, whom he fell in love with as soon as they met. And to make this long-awaited moment magical, Hervey thought of putting the plates in the big bowls by taking in his beauty on a small romantic bridge. It is located near his house. “I’m not afraid, I’m just waiting for it. This is the secret of love”He said before the famous moment.

So he’s in front of the cameras young couple She had her first kiss. A touching moment for Stephanie, who was upset, Tears can’t be held back. “I couldn’t believe it anymore. I suffered so much that I told myself that it would never happen to me.”And her family cried. “And if you’re there. Not too far, but there”Hervey replied. A delicate moment that made netizens react aggressively.

Stephanie and Hervey have a first kiss: netizens interact

Stephanie and Hervé’s kiss sequence was pretty much Commented on the web. “Hervey, this is her first kiss, and the other one is crying. Poor Doesn’t understand what’s going onAnd “Hervey on the first kiss did not laugh eh, Swallow it completely!“,” A scientific study showed that a part of Stephanie’s esophagus was found in the mouth ofHervey After his first look Kiss”, “No but Herve, I waited for his first kiss and screamed As if you had nurtured her! If I find out that they are no longer together, I will live it very poorly.” We can read on Twitter. This sequence was apparently Internet users are eagerly waiting for it.

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