Benjamin Castaldi sympathizes with Aurore Drossart, who claims to be the daughter of Yves Montand

Yesterday, Cyril brought Hanouna to the set Don’t touch my TV Aurore Drossart, who has claimed for 30 years to be the daughter of Yves Montand. The actor and singer never recognized his paternity, and after several procedures, up to the exhumation of the artist’s body, DNA tests did not allow to establish paternity. If the affair caused a scandal in the 1990s, Benjamin Castaldi, the C8 columnist and grandson of the seventh art legend, addressed the now 46-year-old with great affection.

“Your plight, I understand it. I just want to believe you unfortunately today the scientific facts are what they are. (…) I understand that you are frustrated and that this is an appalling situation. When you have spent 20 years thinking more that someone is your father and you have to accept that it is not Well…”, he said. announce.

No doubt

For Aurora Drossart, the DNA tests would not have been done properly. A first forensic investigation concluded that she was the daughter of Yves Montand prior to the post-mortem examinations and contradicted that first decision. Former host of Loft storyHe has no doubts about the validity of the scientific results, explaining that “there were two tests.”

“I have so much sympathy for you, I had no animosity against you. (…) I really feel that you are honest, and I have no doubt about it,” he added, emphasizing that “if Montand had any doubt, I think he would have gone after the operation” .

And in conclusion: “It’s a dark case, it was complicated for everyone but there is only one victim in the story, you Aurora. You are the one who’s been waiting for news that wasn’t what you wanted and it’s horrific, I can’t help but be merciful and be with you. Justice and Genetics decided otherwise I can only tell you that I am sorry that it is an unbearable situation, that is all.”

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