Notre-Dame de Paris: The Notre-Dame Burns event returns to the cathedral fire



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our lady Burns” is the event movie of the week. Nearly three years after the horrific fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, director Jean-Jacques anode Paints an accurate reconstruction of the memorial’s stunning rescue.

Three years after the fire at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris made Relive the drama as close as possible to the fire thanks to the movie Notre Dame is burningWhich will be shown in theaters on Wednesday, March 16th. Firefighters stuck in traffic jams, narrow lanes, and improper equipment: This is the exact movierun out of john jack anodeIt makes us relive the difficulties we faced The Confront 650 firefighters who are in our lady On April 15, 2019.

The shooting scenes were filmed in the studio, with a plate our lady Rebuilt on a real scale, caught fire From True. Amiens cathedrals (sum)senses (Yoon) and burg (Share) It also served as a backdrop, as it resembles a Parisian monument. In the Borg, spectators who saw the film in the preview are delighted.

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