Resignations are social now, and the hashtag #Quittok is going crazy

The phenomenon of social media resignations via hashtags is becoming increasingly viral #Quittok. It seems that it all started with a group of McDonald’s employees in the UK, and since then a lot of people have started to join, independent themselves in the same way. Young people, in particular, were going to embrace this method.

Hashtag 400 million views

the social They have entered our lives to such an extent that now they are also used to express one’s intention to leave the workplace. The hashtags #quitmyjob and #quittok together have reached a total of 400 million views.

But what does this alternative separation method consist of? For the most part, it is young people who resort to this practice. It is, in essence, a live video resignation. In particular Tik Tok, a Chinese social network much loved by millennials. Hence, in fact, the name “Quittok”.

As we said earlier, this trend was launched by a group of McDonald’s employees in 2021. They all decided to quit during a working day. Since then, the episodes have doubled. Consider some social resignation Many different stories are learned, because there are so many people who have decided to let go of a problematic or no longer satisfying work relationship. Everyone has their reasons. Someone is crying, others cannot hold back their smile, and still others are waiting for the moment with trembling hands.

Many different stories

Speaking to BBCMarissa Jo Mayes, 29, says that for some time work became her constant thought, so much so that it caused her health problems from pressure. “I have shown a lot of my personal journey on TikTok. It seemed like a natural thing because it was such an important step in my lifehe explains.For every person who criticizes me, there are 10 who are inspired by what I dohe adds.

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Then there are also people who say that even though they have a well-paying job, they no longer feel happy. Some even claim to have hair miserable. There were even some employees who not only quit live, but also resumed their boss’ reaction.

How do we explain this phenomenon

Psychotherapist Tess Brigham has studied this phenomenon and tried to provide an explanation. TikTok layoffs are happening because young adults have now chosen social media as their preferred medium communication.

Now everything is filmed and shown, even the private moments in one’s life, so it is not strange that even resignations are done in this way. Low-paying jobs, or a sense of unfulfillment, often drive young people to decide to stop working.


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