La mise à jour de Telegram ajoute plus que des notifications audio personnalisées

Telegram picked up another update over the weekend, this time with half a dozen more or more new features and improvements. It’s an ever-improving world on what we consider to be the best messaging app on the planet.

The main feature of this update should be Custom notification sounds now allowed. You can basically set any sound as a notification sound in Telegram. You can choose from system sounds or get audio files or voice messages from chat to save and set. I’m sure your brain is already cooking up the bad sounds you can find on the internet, so go crazy my friend.

Currently, Telegram audio notifications are limited to less than 5 seconds and up to 300KB. However, it is multi-platform, so anyone can enjoy it.

Other new Telegram additions or improvements are:

  • Picture in Picture Optimization: On Android, Picture-in-Picture has an improved launcher window that you can pinch to resize, tap the X to close, and view it at more rounded angles.
  • Custom mute extended: Do you want to disable chats? Previously you could mute the sound for up to two days, but now you can set a specific duration roughly as long or as much as you want.
  • New auto delete menuWant to automatically delete parts of your conversations to clear out long chats or add a little privacy? You can set automatic removal actions with fewer clicks and also with more flexible timers.
  • Messages forwarded as reply: If you forward messages from one conversation to another, they now appear as replies.
  • More animated emoji: Another set of animated emojis have been added, most of which can be seen in this top image.
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This new update was rolled out yesterday (17/04) on all platforms so you probably already have it. You should also have received a message from Telegram explaining these things to you. We apologize for the double sharing of info, but we love talking about Telegram.

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