google drive et google photos

Several new features announced at the beginning of the year for the desktop version of Google Drive were announced.

The information is no surprise. At the beginning of the year, Google announced its desire to simplify its online services, especially by converting Google Drive File Stream for Workspace – Until then reserved for companies and users of the Workspace group, in the format Google Drive for desktop. Concretely, this new feature (and not if) will allow Internet users to enjoy their Google Drive content directly from a folder on their computers, without having to systematically go to a web tool or download documents before modifying them.

Drive for Desktop, a unified solution

According to 9to5Google, the Google service has already started publishing في Google Drive for desktop. Mountain View should gradually formalize its porting tool, which will now include Sync (optional) from Google Photos. What makes it easier to manage our digital lives, and assures the web giant its leading place, at a time when Amazon is trying to impose itself on the file-streaming niche.

Multiple account management, finally

Another new feature that Google Drive users have come to expect is the ability to sync up to four different accounts from a single computer. There will now be no choice between the main account or the professional account, everything can be archived in the same place. At the moment, this new version of Google Drive for desktop Also known as the number, it has not yet been fully deployed, but the service should be fully functional by the end of the year, Google says in a statement.

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