Anagnina: Thieves in an Ikea car park

Electric scissors. This was enough for a gang of thieves to force the doors of parked cars and steal their contents from the inside, sunglasses, navigators and anything else the victim left while on duty in the cockpit. A specialized gang targeted cars that customers were parking in an IKEA parking lot. It is not a new phenomenon that also affected cars left in a nearby car park used by ministry employees. Also in the area of ​​Tor di Mezzavia, in Anagnina.

It was Romanian police officers who arrested four men aged 34, 20, 23 and 26 for complicity in aggravated robbery. Following the numerous car thefts that were reported to the police station, customers conducted a thorough search among the cars parked in the parking lots of the Safdir chain furniture store.

Police noticed a car wandering suspiciously among the parked cars and soon after the passengers took turns getting off to look inside the parked cars. The 4, after approaching the car, forced the lock with a scissor head to remove a case containing sunglasses and then left.

Dissatisfied, the thieves entered another parking lot, in the Ministry of the Interior’s Toscolano Center. The police stopped him during the search, and electric scissors and a sheath containing just stolen sunglasses were found.

Through the monitoring service of the commercial enterprise, he learned that the same people, who were always in the same car, committed theft on a wagon. After validation, the house arrest scale was applied to two subjects.


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