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iCloud: More Security for Windows Users

iCloud: More Security for Windows Users
iCloud for Windows is now available in a new version. (Image source: Giga)

Apple has released a new version of iCloud for Windows. Finally, a password manager is included that can provide more security. Additionally, there are some minor innovations in iCloud for Windows 12.5.

iCloud for Windows with Password Manager

Apple facilitates the interaction between iCloud and the Windows operating system. From now on iCloud Passwords App Available in iCloud for Windows. Users can recall, search or update their saved passwords, add new passwords, or remove those that are no longer required. Anyone who uses Apple devices – such as the iPhone – and Windows PCs should take a closer look at the tool.

The Apple documentation explains how to manage iCloud passwords using the updated app. The application is called via the start menu and then the required changes are made to the passwords. These changes then Sync with Apple devices (these: An apple)

In addition, Apple has also taken care of the browser Microsoft Edge care b. If a matching extension is installed here, iCloud passwords synced within the browser can also be used.

What has changed with iOS 14.5? The answer is in Video:

iCloud for Windows in the Windows Store

Update to iCloud version 12.5 for Windows Via the Windows Store can be obtained. If iCloud password sync is not activated on your Windows computer, it can be done via iCloud settings. This requires an Apple account that uses two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.

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It must be on an Apple device iOS 14 or at least macOS 11 installed. In addition, Windows Hello must be set up on your Windows computer. Fingerprint registration here can be dispensed with if necessary, because a PIN is enough.


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