The treatment of the director of a humanitarian association raises questions

Arthur Annan, managing director of Equalis, an association that helps immigrants and the homeless, paid himself a salary of more than 10 000 net euro per month.

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Arthur Annan, director of the Association to Aid Migrants and the Homeless, which is funded largely from public funds, earns a net salary of over €10,000 per month. Chained duck, this Wednesday, September 22, an amount that franceinfo can confirm.

The association’s board of directors also provided its director with a company car and a monthly housing allowance. Union President Pascal Brice told AFP that with these discoveries, Arthur Annan, who is also the president at Ile-de-France of the Union of Solidarity Representatives, was forced to withdraw from his volunteer positions at the FAS.

Contacted by franceinfo, one of the board members of this association, with a budget of 83 million euros per year and 900 employees, he admits that such a salary “It’s in the very, very high range in the middle.”

More than a year ago, in June 2020, Arthur Annan became General Manager of the new Equalis structure, which includes two associations. He has been the managing director of one of them since 2015, Rose des Vents. “With the merger, it is difficult to reduce his salary, we all voted for this amount.” These are the advantages, explains a former manager contacted by franceinfo.

In the administration of Equalis, no one wanted to be accessible to answer questions from franceinfo. In the board of directors, some describe the general manager “dedicate” And “Competent”.


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