These are the first leaked images of the car that Ferrari will compete in the SUV class

According to the leaked photos, Spread on social mediaFerrari is about to launch its car The first four-wheel drive car. Pictures show angles straight ahead And the butt The truck from the factory floor.

The name of the SUV is genuine It is expected to go into production in end of this year to start selling 2023.

Composite images appear Doesn’t quite seem A traditional SUV at ride height and looks like a slightly elevated hatchback.

Perhaps this is why Ferrari insists that Purosangue Not an SUVbut a FUV (Ferrari service car).

In typical SUV fashion, there are black wheel arch rims, except for those on Purosangue in gloss black, as well as the lower parts of the front bumper, instead of the usual matte black plastic found on affordable SUVs.

The wheels are fairly traditional in design, in the form of a five-spoke configuration, and seem to be of reasonable size.

La Purosangue would probably use the same V8 twin-turbocharged engine 3.9 liters of Rome and the F8 salute. Rumors indicate that the SUV could also have a different variant V12 which produces approx 800 hpalthough this has not been confirmed.

Ferrari Borosangui is expected to be presented year end.

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