Joachim Lambi with curious signs

The jury generously distributed points in the “Let’s Dance” finale.Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Janine Ullmann and Renee Caselli took an early favorite spot in 2022’s “Let’s Dance,” and held it to the end: they both made it to the Grand Final, joined by Matthias Mestre. Over the season, circus artist Caselli repeatedly included bold “stunts” in his performances with Catherine Menzinger, thereby distinguishing himself from other candidates. This Friday sheds light on the potential for the show.

After the tango of Rene and Catherine, there was a standing ovation from the studio audience, and a loud apparition was requested. The jury also rose from their seats – with the exception of Joachim Lampe. Later, however, the hardened juror followed up with a surprising explanation.

‘Let’s Dance’: Llambi gives the ultimate compliment

Jorge González and Motsi Mabuse found it hard to find words after the pair performed their favorite dance and upped the ante. Jorge had “pure goosebumps” and Motsy couldn’t help but take a mother’s perspective. In Renee, you see a young man who keeps trying and trying, but that’s never enough. After this performance, it doesn’t matter how the show ends.

Rene and Catherine inspire tango.

Rene and Catherine inspire tango.Photo: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

Finally, it was the lamb’s turn. The song “Let’s Dance” often gets a warm welcome, But the 57-year-old doesn’t always leave himself apart in these moments, which he’s also had to criticize in the past. This time he also stayed seated – but not because he didn’t think the dance was worthy. On the contrary, Lampe was surprisingly cheerful:

“We’ve seen a lot of tango here, but we don’t see that speed, that subtlety beside the acrobatics, which fit in so well with the rest,” summed the juror before delivering the final compliment: “That’s not 10, it’s not 30, we can’t rate that at all and in fact we shouldn’t do that with assessment.”

Almost logical conclusion: for Rene and Catherine, it rained 30 points, and more could not be achieved. When Llambi held a shovel into the camera, he emphasized again that ten points weren’t enough here. In fact, Renee previously declared on “Promiflash”: “For the finale, we want to go one step further and showcase elements that weren’t there before in Let’s Dance — and hopefully never will be.” So he kept his word.

Rene Caselli wins

After the third dance, Freestyle, Lambi was sure that Renee Caselli would be called the “Dancing Star” a few minutes later. That evening, the star was the best for him “by far”. curious: vs”BuildLlambi declared Janine Ullmann the favorite in the semi-finals and gave Rene only a 35 percent chance of winning. On the show, he corrected himself: “Sometimes 35 percent should be enough.”

And Lambie was right: Renee won the duel against Janine, making him the successor to Rick Jeslason. Matthias Meester, who was only given outside chances from the start, ended up in third place.


On the 11th live show of Let’s Dance, Princess Boucher was voted out of the show and no longer allowed to fight for the title of “Dancing Star”. The finalists were Matthias Meester, Janine Ullmann and Rene Caselli. Soon after the decision, Amira came up with a first advantage: “You don’t have to get up early tomorrow.” Training required a lot of superstars in over eleven weeks. Katherine Menzinger and Renee say they train for up to twelve hours a day. Unlike the finalists, Amira has found her way back to her usual life, which was deeply affected by her two children.

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