Memes weren't enough for Sony to improve the Morbius collection with its re-release

When Morbius Released in March of this year, the film starring Jared Leto not only did well at the box office, but rather hit a record low at the box office. However, thanks to the memes that have been circulating in recent weeks, Sony has decided to re-release Morbius In American theaters, as you can imagine, the result was not very good.

As mentioned ForbesSony is back Morbius In more than a thousand theaters in the United States this weekend. However, the movie only managed to add 85 thousand dollars to her total collection during last Friday. This number in itself does not say much, however, it is quite decisive when taking into account the calculations provided by Numbers Who can appreciate it Morbius I only raised $82 per theater through June 3.

That is, even though Morbius memes went viral on the internet and the movie was an unusual phenomenon of piracy on Twitch, in fact only a handful of people went to see the new Marvel-Sony and even a production performance directed by Daniel Espinosa was a Top 10 US box office hit on Friday. In the past, it earned less per movie than movies that have been shown in theaters for a longer period like the lost City.

Although it is expected that Morbius Adding $280,000 in total to the box office this weekend, the movie currently holds group all over the world $163 million. All while his budget was between $75 million and $83 million (not including marketing), unless Sony believes that the memes about the tape come from appreciation rather than trolling, it seems unlikely that Morbius 2 become a reality.

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