“Mom and Dad are proud”
Alessio Lombardi celebrates his first day at school

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi have gone their separate ways for some time. However, on the occasion of their son’s school attendance, the former couples can be seen together again. They proudly display the six-year-old and his school on social media.

Alessio is a schoolboy! Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi’s son had his first day of school on Thursday. On this special occasion, the divorced parents posed for their pictures together for a family photo shoot. Lombardi shared a photo on Instagram showing the three beaming happily. Alessio proudly holds his school bag in front of the camera, and next to it is a plaque that reads “My first school day”.

“Mom and Dad are so proud of you,” the singer wrote. “What we swore to each other when you were born has never changed our separation. We will always be there for you.” It’s a very emotional day. “We almost lost our little boy after giving birth and today is the first day of school, it can’t be described,” Lombardi continued. He pointed to the fact that his son was born with a heart defect in 2015.

“Finally a student”

Sarah Engels too Post a picture from the first day of school Against the same background, but it can only be seen on it alone. “It’s incredible how time passes,” she commented. Some stars also congratulated Lombardi’s contribution. Jana Ina Zarella, for example, wrote: “Finally a schoolgirl.” Lucas Cordales wished “all the best and love”.

Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi participated in the actors show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” in 2011 and became a couple. The two married two years later. The separation followed in 2016, and the divorce did not occur until 2019. Sarah Engels married again in May 2021: she gave the football player Julian Bucher, who took her last name. After a short time, she announced that she was pregnant again. Alessio has a brother.

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