Goodbye to inspections at ports and airports –
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The decision was taken unanimously by the 27 EU member states after 12 years of negotiations

Bulgaria And the RomansIt will be partially mergedSchengen area to Free movement FollowerEuropean Union from March 31The 27 member states announced tonight.

Statement from Brussels He explains that the European Union countries decided soConsensus To eliminate i Air and sea border control of these two European countries The starting date corresponds to the transition from winter to summer schedules expected by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The 27 will have to make a new decision to choose the date on which it will be cancelled Land border controls Within the European Union of Romania and Bulgaria, adds a note from the European Council. there European Commission They welcomed this decision, which comes after good news 12 years of negotiations. The President declared that today represents a historic moment for Bulgaria and Romania and a moment of great pride for their citizens Ursula von der Leyen In a press release. The European Commission recalled that it had considered since 2011 that these two countries were ready to join Schengen area. Vienna used its veto power last year to protest the arrival of a very large number of illegal immigrants to its territory, before agreeing to cancel it in exchange for guarantees. Sofia and Bucharest They agreed to fight more againstSecret immigration In a joint declaration signed yesterday with Vienna.

31 December 2023 (changed 31 December 2023 | 02:13)


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