PlayStation will not be present at this event

A question asked by many fans E3 2021 is if Sony and سوني Play Station They will be present at the event, either with a conference or an announcement.

Unfortunately for all PlayStation fans, the brand won’t be a part of E3 2021, not even with a trailer for one of its exclusives.

This is because Sony He decided to stay away from E3 since 2019, opting for standalone presentations, both in person and online.

PlayStation Experience (Sony)

In fact, they were celebrating PlayStation Experience, a meeting with fans where they made important announcements.

As of 2019, in addition to the experiment, they have released a file playing conditionOnline broadcasts to spread your news.

Hence, they don’t see a very significant presence at E3 2021; For example, the way to play “The horizon bans the westThey made it known a few days ago.

PlayStation will participate in Summer Game Fest instead of E3 2021

Although Sony and Play Station despise E3 2021The company won’t shy away from digital events this year.

The summer festival gameThe presentation that will take place before E3 2021, will be attended by PlayStation.

At least that’s what can be seen on the official Summer Games Festival page; However, there are no details on what PlayStation will offer.

The horizon bans the west (Sony)

In fact, there are not even details that we will have a new game state on Summer Games Festival day or after E3 2021.

A lot points to that Sony It will simply display a trailer during the event Jeff Kellywhich will be held on June 10.

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However, nothing will be as luxurious as the legendary PlayStation conventions at E3.


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