Apple is appealing against Epic Games

Seems to be a change of mind An apple He appealed the verdict at his trial Epic Games.

Although the company initially indicated that Judge Gonzalez Rogers’ decision was a “profound victory,” it has now appealed the decision in a manner similar to its own. Epic Games.

According to the decision, An apple It should allow developers to associate external payment forms with their files app store, Skip 30% commission for the company. And though I kissed him, in the end An apple She likes it.

What is Apple asking now?

An apple He requested a suspension to prevent the company from having to implement the new anti-management rules, arguing that it would “allow An apple Protecting consumers and safeguarding its platform while the company works on complex and rapidly evolving legal, technological and economic issues.”

An apple Apparently he is afraid that the court order will force them to open App Store to alternative payment mechanisms, despite what some company experts have claimed.

The argument remains, yes, the same: if I am forced to allow application developers to link to external payment systems, An apple “It cannot protect users from fraud.”

Overall, the company says that “rapid enforcement of this aspect of the court order would upset the delicate balance between developers and customers provided by app store, It will hurt both of them irreparably An apple For consumers.”

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