WhatsApp introduces new options to protect your privacy

The messaging app just launched new security tools to let you choose which contacts are authorized to view your profile picture, personal information, and the time of the last connection.

WhatsApp wants to take back control of your privacy. The instant messaging app, owned by Meta, has just rolled out several new privacy options. You can now choose from among your contacts who can see your profile picture, your contact information, and the date and time of your last contact on the app. These new options, which have been beta tested with a select group for about a year, are now rolling out to all users.

Option to prevent certain contacts from spying on you

So far, the app has offered only three options to limit the audience for this information: everybodyAnd the Miss Etisalat and others no one. Henceforth, a fourth option is proposed: My contacts except… Allows you to specify which contacts you don’t want to see your profile picture, contact information, and the last time you were online. To customize these settings, go to the app settings, then in the account, access the privacy menu. You will then only have to review the options “ was seen in “,” personal picture “,” Actuary “,” groups “and others” condition ยป.

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The rollout of these new privacy options is great news. It should allow users to take back control of their in-app activity. It must be said that so far, the messenger has not been a very good student in this field. Until recently, the app provided evil spirits with everything they needed to spy on you without your knowledge. Realizing that its app could be used by strangers to spy on you without your knowledge, Meta has already taken action at the end of 2021. Instant messaging has already enhanced user privacy by now allowing only people who are saved to your address book or those you are with We already discussed to find out about your last connection in the app.

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