Battery problems with the switch?  Nintendo offers practical advice

the battery is empty? As a mobile console, the Nintendo Switch has a constant desire for power. We have some simple tricks for you on how to get a few extra hours of battery life out of your console. Additionally, we explain how you can solve the known battery issue of the OLED version.

Update April 29, 2022:

Nintendo responds to Switch battery issues

A Nintendo Switch should OLED, according to several users It drains unusually fast. Particularly problem: the controller battery drains even in rest mode Fast. To fix this problem, the official Nintendo Customer Service has one Practical guide Released. We summarize the steps for you:

  1. System Settings → Auto Sleep → Never
  2. The switch disconnects from all power sources.
  3. Start any game.
  4. Wait until the Switch’s battery is completely drained.
  5. Then charge the console for at least four hours.

It’s not certain if this procedure will finally solve your adapter battery problems, but it’s important to try. Instead, we have some tips for you on how to make your console battery last longer:

Original post from April 8, 2022:

More power for your Nintendo Switch

Every player and smartphone user knows the problem: a dying battery. Some people even get nervous when the battery level reaches the 50 percent mark. So what do you do on the go when the power bank is at home and there is no socket nearby?

Fortunately there are few Simple tips and tricksHow to extend battery life. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, a user on Reddit made the following discovery:

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In his experience, the battery life of the Nintendo Switch increases significantly when you do this Airplane mode is enabled on the console.

why is that? switch tries Connect regularly to the Internet And every attempt costs energy. This is a background feature that you don’t even notice most of the time.

Airplane mode not only positively affects battery life, but also It also improves performance in some ways your console.

Some games also look for an internet connection after the start and this costs not only energy but time as well. In Airplane mode, this automatic check is skipped and Games start faster.

By the way, you can easily switch to Airplane mode via a file Switch system settings Activate and of course deactivate again.

This will further improve battery life

Of course, the Airplane mode trick only works if you don’t need an active internet connection. In this regard, this tip is mainly aimed at offline gamers.

But there is another way to improve battery life. This “trick” is so obvious that it is often forgotten. And it’s about them Screen brightness.

The brightness for many players is usually set to 100 percent. Reduced to 70 or even 50 percent Saves valuable energy And you’ll get used to the dark screen incredibly quickly.


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